I’d like to dedicate this post to one of my dear friends. I had lunch with an old colleague of mine (we’ll call him Mr. C) and I was explaining to him how GPSs were confusing because they used cardinal directions. How was I suppose to know where North was if I was lost? He responded with a “Well, people just know.” That’s absurd!

For the longest time, I used to think that North was wherever I was looking. If you handed me a map, regardless of where I was standing, holding it in front of me meant that I was facing North. I’ve made it this far just by going left, right and straight; there was absolutely no need to throw words like North and South at me. I think we all have gaps in our learning; some people are horrible spellers, horrible drivers but mine just happened to be horrible at directions.

With a pencil and a crumpled up napkin in his hand he proceeded to try and explain to me how that made absolutely no sense. Mr. C placed a map with the word North written on it and asked me to point to where North was. Then he asked me to turn around and asked me the same question, “Where is North now?” I wanted to pick up the map and take it with me but he said to leave it. There was a real life lesson to be learned here. Just because I didn’t want things to change didn’t mean that they weren’t going to. North isn’t where I want it to be – it’s already been decided. There’s also a lesson for all my friends and readers out there. Unless you are wanting a whole bunch of left, right and go straights – don’t ask me for directions.

Sorry Mr.C, I still don’t know where North is and don’t think I ever will.

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