I would like to start by saying thank you. Thank you for taking those minutes that you could have spent playing Candy Crush (Is that still relevant?) or checking those Tinder matches to read this girl’s blog. You might have felt obligated to read it because I asked you to or it might have just popped up as you ‘accidentally’ searched up 50 Shades of Grey (Sorry, got to keep this PG). But whatever the reason that got you here, I would like to thank you. Grab a cup of tea or a latte with a double shot of espresso – hold the foam but please keep on reading.

You know Monica from Friends? There was an episode where she has a secret closet full of stuff and Chandler tries to get into it. When he does and she finds out, she says “This is all of the stuff that doesn’t fit into a category, so I’m not messy I’m just so organized!” That’s the purpose of this blog. It’s a collection of random encounters, memories, funny sh*t that my students have said all spit-fired on an online platform.

“I may not say much but I see everything.”

Kristen Chazal?

I am not a writer or blogger by any means so if you call me any of those I will cut you off pretty quick. I tend to tell it like it is so my writing will be both unfiltered and scattered. It is very unlike me not to spend days on drafts and editing the death out of my posts but I’m going to write as I think and hope for the best! Please excuse all the run-ons, comma splices and grammarly errors that will 100% appear on this blog.


Why? I’ve always loved writing and for the most part, it was sacred and for my eyes only. I actually compare it to being completely butt naked. When you’re naked, there is nothing to hide because you see all the flaps, the scars and all the goods (or as one of my friends call it the “family jewels.”) That’s what writing is to me. The written word is so powerful because it can not only bring someone to tears but creates all the rage when messages are misconstrued when it’s taken out of context. You learn so much about a person just based on how they write and you get a glimpse into their lives as they see it. And as much as I hate to say it, I cower behind my pen/paper or in this case a keyboard because I can’t share those vulnerabilities out loud, are you crazy?

If at any point, you refer to a statement I’ve made in my blog, I’ll shy away like those Mimosa Pudica plants and start to divert the conversation by asking about your day. It was always easier for me to get my thoughts down on paper than to speak out. And even then, if you asked me to read any of this out loud I’d aggressively shake my head. But this is pivotal moment for me because I believe we all have stories to tell and I think I’m ready to tell mine.

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